Decorate for Garden Wedding

Exchanging vows in quiet garden, surrounded by natural beauty is what many couples dream. Decoration for garden wedding can be pleasant task, with plenty of room for creativity. While much of decoration has already been done for you by nature, with few finishing touches to complement setting, little mood lighting for night and some floral accents well placed, your garden wedding will be event to remember .

Choose your location. Some places offer needed such as arches, tables, chairs, tents and tableware items. If not, you can rent holiday party goods.

Decorate for Garden Wedding

Take note of landscape. Gardens with lush greenery and flowers might not need much enhancement to be wedding-ready. Choose flowers that can hold up to weather.

Tropical flowers such as lilies, gladiolas and amaryllis do well in warm weather. Roses should be kept cool as long as possible before putting them out. Decorate with season in mind.

Once tent and furnishings are in place, create centerpieces using fresh-cut flowers and greens casually arranged in vases, varying length of stems. Glass, natural stones or sand in bottom of each vase are nice touch and add stability. Surround each vase with stones, flower petals, seashells, berries or pine cones, according to your theme and season.

Alternate flower arrangements with candles in hurricane vases for evening reception. Use potted flowers such as azaleas, roses or lilies in natural-looking containers. Tie ribbon around every pot, and place one at end of each row of seats along aisle, at base of altar and in any bare corners or areas that need brightening.

Suspend Christmas lights or paper garden lanterns both inside tent and throughout garden for romantic atmosphere.

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How to Decorate for Garden Wedding

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