Decorate for Colonial Christmas

Create cozy look of your home during Christmas season with colonial-inspired decorative details. colonial style is based on natural elements to create festive look that fills your home with warmth and invites family and friends to celebrate approaching Christmas spirit. Use items that are in your yard or in supermarket to incorporate into your decor, and feature classic colors to create Christmas decoration that you mix and your family back in time to colonial era.

Hang garlands of pine throughout your home. Put them through top of fireplace mantle, above doors and around railings. Use royal garland to fill your home with scent of pine.

Decorate for Colonial Christmas

Wrap white lights around garland and tie red berries or bows along garland. Create pomander balls. Pierce oranges and lemons with sprigs of clover and insert loops of decorative ribbons into top of fruit.

Hang pomander balls from windows. As sun hits balls, scent of citrus and clover will fill your house with delightful aroma. Place real or battery operated candlesticks in wrought iron candle holders.

Place candles on tabletops, countertops, across your mantle and on posts of porch railings. Place pineapple in center of clear glass bowl and surround it with red apples. Place fruit-filled bowl in center of table and surround it with pine sprigs as centerpiece.

Glue acorns, twigs, berries and dried flowers onto foam wreath form or on top of pine wreath. Tie decorative ribbons into loops around top of wreaths and hang them on interior and exterior doors.

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How to Decorate for Colonial Christmas

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