Decorate Bathroom With Tropical Theme

If you need inspiration to redecorate your bathroom, look at tropical colors for bright ideas. Tropical bathrooms are airy, refreshing and easy to pull together once you know what items you need. When finished with this project, you will have to spend as much free time as you can soak in the tub and sunbathing in fresh roll of the island.

Select theme. When it comes to topics, you can go with live exotic islands or beach relaxing tones colors. Another option is the palm or theme of tropical flowers.

Decorate Bathroom With Tropical Theme

Choose colors that enhance your theme. Choose one primary color that will dominate bathroom, and pick two or three secondary colors to coordinate with it. If your theme is tropical flowers, you might want to use red, yellow, blue and green in your bathroom.

Ocean colors include sea foam green, blue and white. For palm tree theme, use green tan and beige combination. Select shower curtain that not only coordinates with your bathroom decor but also adds interest.

If your theme is palm trees, look for textured curtain. In ocean-themed bathroom, go with curtain that is light and moves freely like ocean waves. Use natural elements to create relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom.

Ideas include shelving units, hampers and baskets made of wicker and rattan. Look for rosewood and teak for frames and armoires. White wicker gives your bathroom boost, and worn furnishings enhance casual tropical mood.

Use window treatments that let as much natural light in as possible. You may want to go with sheers for soft look or roman blinds, which will give you more privacy. Shudders are another option with quick and easy way to get shade and security.

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How to Decorate Bathroom With Tropical Theme

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