Decorate Bathroom with Drapes

A bathroom is an area of ​​the house where it is easy to change the overall appearance with relatively little effort. It is usually the smallest room, and if you are satisfied with sink, counters and floors, the change in appearance can be achieved simply by installing new shower curtain and curtains. the change can be completed with some small decorative pieces.

The choice of style and color of the new curtains should take into account what is already in the room. Sinking style and color, flooring, wall color, cabinets, countertops and lighting all play a part in overall appearance and should be considered as part of a whole. Start with the shower curtain.

Decorate Bathroom with Drapes

With advancement of shower curtain liners, you can now incorporate fabric curtains into shower area. You no longer need to be confined to bathroom department. Any type of fabric curtain is now acceptable as shower surround.

Since most bathrooms are small, shower curtain can make big statement and is great jumping-off point for your makeover. Choose curtain for bathroom in same manner that you would in your living room, for instance matching rug or other accessories to it. Window curtains are not purely decorative.

They perform function–offering necessary privacy. Options are countless, including roman shades, cafe curtains or full-length draperies. Your final choice should be based on where in room window is located, your overall decorating style and how much practicality you want.

If your room is large enough, you might consider using drapery fabric on walls instead of wallpaper or paint. It can be adhered to walls with industrial staples and staples then covered with row of decorative trim. Choose accessories to complement your new color scheme.

Start with rug, and add dried floral arrangement or seashells in your new color.

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How to Decorate Bathroom with Drapes

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