Decorate Bathroom with Beadboard

Beadboard installation in the bathroom is perfect to reduce the damage to the painted by the moisture content in the room walls. Beadboard is generally made of wood or foam designed to look like wood and can be used as wall plate. It stands up to humidity of the bathroom without problems and not terribly difficult to install.

Apply Beadboard to one wall of your bathroom. To install beadboard, measure the length of the wall and determine the number of beadboard panels will need. You may need to cut the last panel, but it will not be noticeable when finished.

Decorate Bathroom with Beadboard

Adhere beadboard to wall with small finishing nails. Hang several of wide variety of metal hooks on beadboard for towel hangers. Mix up metal hooks if your bathroom is eclectically decorated, or keep them all same for polished look.

Cover your bathroom floor with beadboard. It is sturdy enough to walk on if you choose wooden panels over foam panels. Again, measure your space and make sure that you have proper amount.

Nail beadboard down to existing floor, if floor is made of wood. If it is tile or ceramic, use heavy-duty construction adhesive to adhere beadboard to floor. Toss down few strategically-placed throw rugs for warmer feel.

Hang beadboard from floor to ceiling on one wall in your bathroom, preferably wall on which sink is located. Covering entire wall will lengthen room, so this design will work very well in small bathroom. Help break up lines of wall with decorative mirror above sink.

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How to Decorate Bathroom with Beadboard

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