Decorate Bathroom With Aqua Fixtures

The bathrooms are utilitarian rooms that have certain common characteristics. There bath with shower or shower, sink and toilet. They can be small, such as powder room with sink and toilet only, or at a spa, with sunken tub and a comfortable built.

The colors of accessories can go out with bathroom or make it look fresh and new. If the bathroom is part of the master suite, its colors should coordinate with the color scheme. Decide if you want to play up apparatus aqua fit or to mix with the decor so they are not as noticeable.

Decorate Bathroom With Aqua Fixtures

Play up aqua by choosing colors on opposite side of color wheel. Picture red at noon on clock. Yellow is at 4 o’clock and blue at 8 o’clock.

Secondary colors are formed by combining primary colors. Green is made from yellow and blue and is at 6 o’clock. Orange is at 2 o’clock and aqua, combination of green and blue, at 7 o’clock.

opposite color of aqua is coral or orange-red. Use coral as colors for bath towels. Find hand towels to display that combine coral and aqua, or use hand towels that have various shades of coral, from light to dark, as print.

Add those hand towels on top of solid coral bath towels and top with fingertip towels in aqua. Fill clear glass jar with decorative soaps in aqua. Use shampoo, bath gel, and body lotion in shades of aqua and display them on shelves rather than hiding them in linen closet.

Use shower curtain that matches hand towels. Tie it back with aqua ribbons when not in use. Accent bathroom with floral arrangement of coral lilies in light orange vase.

Flowers don’t naturally bloom in aqua, but you could use silk flowers in that shade instead of coral.

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How to Decorate Bathroom With Aqua Fixtures

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