Decorate Bathroom for Halloween

Halloween is fantastic vacation where scare people is acceptable and sweets are plentiful. You can do a little of both by the extinction of some decorations. It’s fun to enter holiday frame of mind and carry out some of our inner child.

Each room in the home that you and your guests frequently should have some sort of decorations, including the bathroom. Here are some easy and fun ideas for bathroom that are sure to add some extra Halloween spirit to your home. Add fake skeleton for your bath.

Decorate Bathroom for Halloween

You have three options for how to pose position it. Put skeleton in tub, close shower curtain and just hang arm out so that it’s only thing visible. Or, you can leave door open so that entire skeleton is visible.

If you have shower door, you can stand skeleton up inside shower stall so that face is against inside of closed door. Stick small, lifelike snakes or spiders around bathroom. You can stick it by sink, add couple on floor, stick one out from underneath your bathroom rug or anywhere else that they can easily be seen.

They come in same color patterns as real snakes and spiders, so it will take people couple of seconds after spotting them to realize that they’re not real. Put up glow in dark eyes. You can find these in any party supply store.

As soon as lights go off, you will see creepy glowing eyes. Before you buy them, read directions to see what type of surfaces they can be applied to. good idea is to stick them to bathroom mirror, toilet and on any other surfaces that are not painted.

You may have to use double-sided tape, so putting them on wallpaper or painted surfaces isn’t good idea as it may rip paper or paint. Put out few black or orange flameless candles. They are inexpensive and will be safer than using real candles.

They also won’t create mess by creating wax drips all over place.

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How to Decorate Bathroom for Halloween

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