Date Glass Blown Christmas Ball

According to, first Christmas tree in United States that has been established by German pioneers in 1830s were also notified that introduced blown glass ornaments to United States in 1860s . It is difficult to imagine holiday season without tradition of setting up tree and adding precious ornaments recent years.

time and research is needed to discover age of blown glass Christmas ornaments, but can be well worth it. Check your ornament date and name of manufacturer. Some ornaments may still have original label attached to them.

Date Glass Blown Christmas Ball

Determine if your ornament was blown free-form or using mold. majority of free-form ornaments will have lack of perfect symmetry, but it can still be hard to tell without expert eye. According to, for almost century, 95 percent of glass-blown ornaments in United States were created in Germany.

The first ones were created in 1848 and were done free form use of molds came in 1867. Popular molds were pine cones and fruits as well as very common glass-blown balls. Purchase Christmas ornament identification guide such as Pictorial Guide to Christmas Ornaments andamp Collectibles Identification and Values by George Johnson. Guides such as these have full-color pictures and explain identifying marks.

Input description of your ornament into popular online auction site. This is useful for determining current value of your ornament as well as possibly helping you identify age.

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How to Date Glass Blown Christmas Ball

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