Cut Up Fiberglass Bathtub

After years of hot glass fiber wear and tear you will most likely need to be repaired or replaced. Fiberglass is nontoxic when in solid form and may be discarded in the trash. In order to fit into the garbage can cut the fiberglass into small pieces.

This can be done using fairly inexpensive right angle grinder and glass fiber sheet. All materials and tools needed for cutting fiberglass tub can be found at your local home improvement. Close the water supply main away from home.

Cut Up Fiberglass Bathtub

Open faucet and let remaining water run out. Dry tub out with towel. Remove any metal fixtures that may be on tub, also remove caulking left on tub, using metal scraper.

Otherwise, caulking will gunk up on grinder blade and slow down cutting. Put on respirator and use electric right angle grinder with diamond fiberglass blade to cut tub directly down middle, cutting tub in half longways. If tub is secured to wall loosen any bolts that are holding it in.

Remove two pieces of fiberglass tub from bath room. Take two pieces of fiberglass tub to well ventilated area to cut them up into smaller pieces. Put on respirator and using right angle grinder with fiberglass blade cut tub into pieces small enough for disposal.

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How to Cut Up Fiberglass Bathtub

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