Cut Bathroom Mirrors

A standard item in most bathrooms, mirrors come in a variety of shapes and styles, either with or without frames. Many bathroom mirrors are simply long, directly on the wall rectangular sheets. Because sizes vary bathroom mirrors must often cut to fit the space allocated for them.

bathroom mirror cut is not a difficult process, but it does require special tools to cut glass. Potty where you are installing the mirror. Use the tape measure to determine the maximum width and length of the space available for the mirror and write down the dimensions.

Cut Bathroom Mirrors

Decide if you want mirror to take up all of space, or whether you want it to be smaller. Lay mirror on flat work surface with reflective side facing upward. Use tape measure and dry-erase marker to mark mirror in location, or locations, where you want to cut it.

Drizzle thin line of lubricating spray oil, or glass-cutting oil, along marker lines. You only need to form thin line, just enough to cover cutter blade. Place straight edge on top of mirror and align it perfectly with marker line.

Put tip of cutter blade at top of marker line and press it up against straight edge. Press down on cutter blade with firm pressure and move it along entire length of line.

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How to Cut Bathroom Mirrors

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