Cure Acne With Raw Honey

Raw honey works as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. People use it for skin wounds and burns. Because of these properties, raw honey also works to treat acne.

Acne occurs when pores become clogged with sebum, oil produced by skin, creating infection. properties of honey can treat infection and skin lightening. Wash and dry your face with gentle cleanser.

Cure Acne With Raw Honey

Before applying honey, you need fresh, clean face. Wash your face regularly every morning and before bed. Make sure skin dries completely.

Test tiny area of your face with dab of honey. Some people have allergic reactions to honey. You do not want your entire face covered with honey only to find out you have allergy to it.

Place small amount of honey on jawline and let it sit for couple of minutes. If you do not notice any sort of reaction, you can continue. Warm honey between your hands to thin it out.

Allowing honey to warm first will let it transfer to your face easier. Rub honey into skin of face in thin layer. Wait at least 15 minutes.

This will allow honey to work into pores and put it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers to work. You can opt to leave honey mask on even longer if you wish, heat of your skin will prevent honey from drying out.

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How to Cure Acne With Raw Honey

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