Cure Acne Keloids

keloid acne come from scar tissue left by acne breakouts. They are result of overgrowth of fibrous tissue and vary in size, color and location. They can cause irritation or embarrassment. condition commonly affects young women and African Americans and can be hereditary.

keloids may soften and become less visible over time, but many require treatment for complete removal. Fortunately, advances in technology make it possible to reduce or cure your acne keloids. Clean skin daily with regimen of skin care for acne comprising balanced soft and moisturizing cleanser.

Cure Acne Keloids

This regimen helps prevent acne that can cause keloids. Apply blemish spot treatment containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to any current breakouts, and resist urge to pick at acne blemishes—this can cause scarring and keloids. Apply sunscreen to acne keloids daily.

Keloids are more susceptible to discoloration when exposed to sunlight, making keloids more noticeable to others. You can also cover keloids with bandages to shield them as well. See your dermatologist.

These doctors who specialize in treatmenet of skin problems have access to various treatments proven to remove or diminish acne keloids. Initially, dermatologists will prescribe antibiotics and steroid gel treatments to cure keloids. If that doesn’t work, steroids containing diluted solution of triamcinalone Kenalog are injected into keloids using long, thin needle.

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How to Cure Acne Keloids

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