Create Solar Energy at Home

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, which means that it can no longer be increased. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly because, unlike other energy sources such as coal, it makes no pollutants into the atmosphere release. Solar panels work best if you live in sunny climates.

research solar energy and solar systems, suitable for homes. You need solar energy and solar systems to understand, to learn what drives most familiar with your needs. Look online to environmental and energy sites.

Create Solar Energy at Home

Visit environmental or energy consultancy office, and ask representative to advise you on correct solar panels for your needs. Buy solar panels. You can buy solar panels from specialist environmental retailers, companies such as BP or even off eBay.

Prices vary depending on size and type of panel. Typically solar cells, which make up panels, range from 3-by- 6 to 9-by-18 inches in size. Ask supplier about recommended screws and mounts for your specific panels.

You can purchase these supplies from you local hardware store or from panel supplier. Install solar panels. Use stud finder to find rafters in your roof.

Use chalk to draw straight line along rafters. Position mounts where you want solar panels to lie along line. Mark mount-roof attachment points with chalk, and drill hole at each mark.

Place mounts over drilled holes and slide rails into place. Use steel bolts to secure rails to post. Position conduit so it connects to inverter on top of roof.

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How to Create Solar Energy at Home

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