Create Life Insurance Leads

Most life insurance agents work on a commission basis, based on the total value of premiums sold. To sources of income, life insurance agents must constantly promote keeping and new prospects who want or need insurance. This is an integral part of daily business, maintains the pipeline, especially large life insurance take weeks, even months to close shop and pay on.

Life insurance agents have possibility buying leads or through existing customers and the local market to provide. Ask. For referrals from existing customers by allowing them to review their policies and ask if they know someone who will need the free insurance review Those happy business with you are your greatest advocate for service and integrity with life insurance already.

Create Life Insurance Leads

Hold seminar at local hotel, chamber of commerce event or senior center and keep guest registry. Most insurance carriers have pre-approved seminars and will help sponsor event to help you gain community exposure. Seminars help you get recognition as expert in your field.

Write articles for community publications, large or small. Keep your topics pertaining to contemporary insurance issues and use your by-line as way to let readers know you are insurance agent in area with website or email contact. Network with financial planners, estate planning attorneys, tax advisers and stock brokers.

These individuals often have complete financial picture of their clients and are excellent resources to create mutually beneficial relationship. Learn more about new insurance products to open up more sales opportunities even within your existing book of business. You may have sold clients life insurance but they may also need long-term care.

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How to Create Life Insurance Leads

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