cope after losing your Mom

If you are like me, burying his mother was hardest thing I ever have to do. Knowing that she is gone is still unimaginable and perhaps reality has not hit him yet, no matter how long since it happened. First, I offer my condolences to you and I know I will not say I know how you feel.

I do not think anyone realizes that they really do not, even if they have suffered loss of his mother. Each has different relationships with their mothers so everyone has to face his own way. On June 22, in 2000, my mother, Carol Ann lost her battle with cancer and part of me died that day too.

cope after losing your Mom

Being oldest of 4 daughters I have been able to see how different people cope with losing their mom. With that said I have come to believe that no two people cope same, even with same mother and growing up in same house. I can only hope this article will offer some insight and if it helps even one person, I will be grateful.

First be advised that there is no specific order in which to follow these steps . This is simply because no two people cope in same manner since no two people are alike. Seek counseling.

Sometimes it is best for some people to meet with people and discuss situation. bereavement group is good for community and helping to see how others cope. Talk, talk, talk.

Talking about someone that has passed will help to keep their memory alive. This is tough step since everyone around you such as co-workers, friends and family will do everything to avoid subject as to not add to your pain or suffering. Ok to feel pain.

It is okay to allow yourself to feel pain of loss of your mother. As mentioned everyone has different relationships with their mothers, therefore everyone will cope with this step differently. Many people have regrets such as I should have done more, been more loving, accepting, open minded.

Maybe you would have reconsidered leaving home Moving away If only we could predict future then I am sure we would not have so many would of or could of or should of’s. Maybe you were always hoping that in time your relationship would change and when she died that hope died too Maybe you thought she would always be there so as we take advantage of this Whatever your issues with her passing come to realize that she did not have choice, unfortunately death is part of life. Work..

When all else fails work. When I lost my mother I naturally took some time off. Guess what Returning to office was one of nicest feelings believe it or not.

I was grateful to find overflowing in basket. My desk was in same messy array of papers and stacks of documents that I left before it happened. Going back to work will not only help to keep mind busy but commaraderie and banter helps us cope too.

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How to cope after losing your Mom

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