Cool With Solar Energy

Solar energy can be used to cool buildings to distribute cold water and conditioned air in the ventilation system by the use of thermally driven cooling processes. Thermal heat transfer is simple form of heat transfer. Practical example is welding structure when they are called out on, exercising sunny day.

thermal energy is transferred from the sun directly on your body. Solar cooling systems are particularly advantageous for building in areas the sun and high temperatures are constantly exposed, require constant cooling. By using solar source as cooling, building operating costs are reduced.

Cool With Solar Energy

Though it is unlikely to think that sun, as burning star that generates heat could be used to cool area, it is very feasible when using proper equipment. Construct group of solar panels on roof of building to serve as collection system. collection panels should be strategically placed in areas that receive maximum sun exposure and they should be placed together in cluster as close to one another as possible.

Install coolant piping lines below solar collection area. These should run along perimeter of collection area and center of area to help increase absorption. coolant piping can be made of PVC pipes and connected using PVC pipe connections.

Attach coolant fluid pump to piping and place it near HVAC, also known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system’s service area, where absorption refrigeration machine will be placed. Attach refrigeration machine to fluid pump. Connect refrigerant input and output pipes in appropriate areas of refrigeration machine, which will vary depending on model of machine that you’re using.

refrigeration machine is responsible for cooling liquid that travels through fluid pipes. Route piping from refrigeration machine’s output into HVAC unit’s air pump. air pump will absorb refrigerated, cooler air coming from refrigeration machine and distribute colder air throughout building’s air circulation system.

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How to Cool With Solar Energy

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