Convert Trail Cam to Solar Power

Converting trail cam to solar energy is easy enough if you are using rechargeable batteries and solar charger. Most track cams use NiMH button cells. Although it is not customary with them rechargeable button cells, few brands they make and to go to find solar chargers.

These chargers are used for hearing aids and small electronic device batteries. To convert Trail cam, you need to remove old batteries and replace them with rechargeable batteries. Use undress small screwdriver protective cover on the battery on track cams.

Convert Trail Cam to Solar Power

Set it aside so you don’t lose it. Slide coin cell batteries out of housing with non-metal object. small dowel rod or plastic knife works well here.

Insert fully-charged rechargeable coin cell batteries into casing. Typically, you’ll need two batteries. Close up housing with plastic cover and screw back in place.

Turn on your trail cam. Open up trail cam using above steps. Set empty rechargable batteries aside.

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How to Convert Trail Cam to Solar Power

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