Convert My House to Solar Power

People are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of our energy on the environment. Many homeowners change as the main energy source for environmentally friendly solar power. If you are concerned about reducing your carbon footprint, then maybe it’s time for you to convert your home energy to solar power.

find to assemble the most appropriate place on the roof solar panels. soil you must bring direct, unobstructed sunlight. Ensure an optimum amount of sunlight through panels tilt direction opposite the sun.

Convert My House to Solar Power

Check your house’s blueprints to find exact location of supporting rafters beneath your roof. Mark area of rafters because this is where you have to mount brackets. Attach mounting brackets to rafters on roof. Using drill, make small holes in rafters and insert stainless steel lag bolts into holes.

Place mounting brackets on these bolts and tighten screws using socket wrench. Now attach rails on these mounts and fasten panels on top using roofing nails. Connect solar panels to inverter for converting direct current to alternating current.

Run wiring from inverter to your home’s AC fuse box. Once connected to fuse box, energy generated from solar panels will start running in outlets of your home.

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How to Convert My House to Solar Power

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