Convert My Home to Solar Energy

Heating and electricity are substantial costs for homeowners and energy prices will certainly continue to rise in the foreseeable future. Fortunately, there are many solar energy technologies that can put homeowners in place to reduce operating costs while helping the environment. Install domestic solar water heaters.

Solar Water Heater systems are not very expensive and will produce in a relatively short time full return on your investment. There are different types of systems, but basically the water is pre-heat at home from the cold water supply before it is fed into the domestic hot water heating, whereby energy required by water heater to bring the reduction of water to high temperature. Illuminate walkways and other landscape elements in the evening of low-voltage solar lighting bulbs which have closed cells and rechargeable batteries in itself.

Convert My Home to Solar Energy

Supplement space heating with solar-based heating system. Solar-based space heating systems offer great savings on heating bills, though they may be expensive to install, depending on type of existing heating system in your home. There are different systems, and most are designed to work in tandem with home’s conventional heating system, such as forced hot air or hot water baseboard heat.

Replace windows on south-facing walls with larger, energy-efficient windows. This passive solar remodeling project can drastically reduce heating bills, and there are income tax credits available for qualifying windows. Such project, compared to solar electric generation, is relatively inexpensive.

Install photovoltaic electric solar panels. With ability to reduce, and often eliminate, electric bills, solar panels mounted on home’s roof are popular source of alternate energy. Solar panels are quiet, virtually maintenance-free, and often guaranteed for 20 years or more.

Many states offer attractive financial incentives to assist with high initial cost of installation, and federal government gives up to 30 percent tax credit not deduction directly off your income tax for cost of installation.

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How to Convert My Home to Solar Energy

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