Convert Laundry Room Into Bathroom

If the number of rooms that overcomes many bathrooms you have, an affordable conversion is to transform your laundry room in the extra bathroom. Bathroom additions tend to increase the value of your home, and existing pipes in your laundry room will reduce the cost of expensive plumbing. Additional cabinets, flooring, accessories, lighting and decorative accessories complete remodeling your bathroom.

Remove items from your laundry room. Use the platform to the wheel washer and dryer. Remove cabinet unless it is in good shape and everything is mixed with the conversion bath.

Convert Laundry Room Into Bathroom

Start with blank slate to transform your former laundry room into new bathroom. Create floorplan for your new bathroom layout. Online programs are available or simple sketch will work, too.

Measure room and any potential items that you plan to use in room to make sure every item will fit. Keeping your toilet, bathtub, sink and toilet by existing plumbing lines will help you to minimize expenses. Most laundry rooms are not very large, so it is imperative that you maximize all space you have.

Make sure walls by your shower area are water-resistant to avoid mold and mildew. Tile walls in shower or tub area. Paint rest of walls in neutral or light color to make room appear larger.

Floors should also be resistant to water. Carpet and wood flooring are not typically best options for bathrooms since water can seep into them. Tile, linoleum and natural stone provide sturdy and water-resistance alternative.

Hire electrician if you will be adding additional lighting. Many laundry rooms feature one dim light fixture and no windows, so updating your lighting will help brighten room and make it appear larger. Install recessed lighting to avoid cluttering room or add one large and bright chandelier for charming touch.

Install your fixtures. Place your shower, sink and toilet in appropriate locations. Add new faucet to sink and new shower head.

Use clear shower door to give space more open feel.

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How to Convert Laundry Room Into Bathroom

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