Convert Home Electric Into Solar Power

Solar energy has become very popular among US homeowners who switch from local power to solar. Not only that solar energy reduce your monthly electricity costs, but also helps you play your part to preserve the environment.

purchase to install solar panels on the roof of your house. These are also known as photovoltaic cells or photovoltaic cells. They are available to go in a variety of styles and colors with design of your home.

Convert Home Electric Into Solar Power

Solar panels come with necessary equipment for installation including solar mounts and rails. Decide where to install panels across your roof. To ensure maximum utility of panels, pick place that receives lot of sunlight.

Maximizing sun exposure is only way to maximize energy output of panels. Locate rafters in your roof with help of stud finder. Since you will be installing solar panels on top of these rafters, it is good idea to mark each rafter using chalk for greater accuracy.

Fasten panel mounts to roof rafters. First, pre-drill holes in rafters and insert lag bolts into these holes. Then place mounts on these bolts and use socket wrench for tightening lag bolts. Then attach rails to these mounts. Fasten solar panels alongside rails using roofing nails.

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How to Convert Home Electric Into Solar Power

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