Convert Ceiling Fan to Solar Power

If you want to convert your ceiling fan solar power, you need a ceiling fan for energy consumption to determine. After Progress Energy, average ceiling fan uses about 80 watts per hour. Once you figure out consumption per hour, multiply by the number of hours that you sunlight every day, for example 14 hours.

This is total power for generating solar energy in day required determine 80 x 14 = 1,120 watts. Shop around for right-sized solar panel for your ceiling fan. Solar panels in various sizes offer different wattage per hour, in the range from 10 watts to 200 watts. If you go to solar systems shop, ask seller to show panels that will be appropriate for your energy needs.

Convert Ceiling Fan to Solar Power

Also purchase solar panel mounts and rails, which are necessary for installation. Locate area for mounting your solar panels that receives ample sunlight during day. Typically, they are installed on rooftops.

Draw straight lines to mark exact position where panel mounts are to be installed on chosen spot. Use chalk for this purpose. Find supporting rafters of roof using stud finder.

Align panel mounts on top of these rafters. Predrill mounting holes using electric drill with pilot bit. This will prevent rafters from splintering.

Using lag bolts, drill and secure panel mounts to top of rafters. Place metal flashing over mounts, which will prevent potential leakage in roof.

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How to Convert Ceiling Fan to Solar Power

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