Control Air Conditioner Air Vents

The vents in your air conditioner help move air in your room, so no hot or cold spots. air conditioner also has vent holes in outdoor unit. controlled vents that control air movement at home and make air conditioning more efficient.

Inspect vents of outdoor unit. Make sure vents are not covered grass or weeds. Anything that blocks air vents of outdoor unit can cause air conditioning works continuously and efficiently.

Control Air Conditioner Air Vents

If left as they are, blocked vents can lead to malfunctions in air conditioner. Aim vents of inside air conditioner where it’s most comfortable for you. Since cold air falls, it’s recommended that vents be aimed higher in room.

That way, air is cooled at your head and falls to your feet. If you have ceiling fan, aim air vents towards ceiling fan. cold air will reach towards ceiling fan and ceiling fan helps move air.

Move lever on your air conditioner vent so one of them points to corner of room. As crazy as it sounds, air hits wall and bounces off it and back into room. Remember to aim air conditioner vent higher in corner, because cold air falls.

Close all ventilation fans when air conditioner is running. Ventilation fans draw air out of your house and will draw cold air out as well. Ventilation fans are usually located in bathroom and kitchen.

Make sure you don’t aim vents of your air conditioner directly at any ventilation fans, if they are working at same time as air conditioner.

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How to Control Air Conditioner Air Vents

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