Control Adult Acne

Adult acne can be caused in adulthood by same factors that contribute to cause in adolescence. Hormonal changes, increased oil production and clogged pores or or all tend to cause acne to flare up. Acne treatment can be very frustrating, but you can control severity and duration of impact.

Wash your face twice day with non-comedogenic cleanser. Non-comedogenic means that will not cause comedones or blackheads. With one of these washes, preferably night washing, add 1 tsp.

Control Adult Acne

sugar to your facial cleanser to use as light exfoliate. Exfoliating skin helps to remove excess oils or skin cells that can clog pores. Use gentle, circular motions when exfoliating, as unnecessary roughness with skin can actually inflame skin and worsen acne flareup.

If you find skin in need of cleansing throughout day, rinse it clean with lukewarm water and pat dry with soft towel. Moisturize. One of differences between adult and teen acne is that adult acne is often accompanied by dry skin, while teen acne tends to be accompanied by oily skin.

Dry skin can cause acne flareups as easily as oily skin, as dead skin cells can clog skin’s pores. To moisurize adult acne skin, find water-based moisturizer. If you are unsure if your moisturizer is water based, you can dilute it yourself.

Put some of your moisturizer in palm of your hand, and add some water to thin it. Stir with your finger and then apply it to your face. Water-based moisturizers are lighter and do not stay on skin as long as oil based, so you may need to reapply more frequently.

Limit your use of facial products such as powdered and liquid makeups. Try to let your skin breathe by cutting down on use of cream foundations and makeup. These products can cause excess clogging of pores and produce acne.

If you wear makeup and foundations, be sure to wash them off every night. Keep your body clean. Adult acne is often found on other areas of body, opposed to teen acne that often localizes itself to face.

Adult acne often is cystic that lies deeper under skin, causing tender and painful nodules. If you have adult acne on your body, treat it with as much personal attention as you do your face. Take daily bath in warm water with cup of epsom salts added.

The epsom salts help draw toxins from skin and reduce inflammation of acne pustules. Use your bath time as time to relax, too much stress can trigger acne flareups. Watch what you wear.

Clothing that’s too tight or made of fabric that is non-absorbent can aggravate body acne. If you’re going to be out on hot day, wear loose-fitting cotton fabric that won’t trap excess oil or bacteria on skin.

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How to Control Adult Acne

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