Construct Solar Street Light

Powering streetlight with solar energy requires materials and initial components. The use of solar energy for street lighting power supply is task that requires physical labor and technical expertise. Following the successful completion of the project Solar Street Lighting can make during the night, when the sun does not provide any sun rays. This is due to storage of solar energy in the battery.

The storage takes place during the day, when the light is not required. Anchor 15 to 20 foot pole in the ground with concrete. Height can be changed as desired.

Construct Solar Street Light

Be sure to use pole you own or have specific permission to use. Also, despite it being called street light, it is best practice to place light on your property so it doesn’t have to be moved in future. Given height of pole, commercial ladder will be needed to safely mount light.

Mount appropriate solar array to face south at about 35 degrees. This is appropriate direction and orientation to be in direct sun light for most hours during day. Choosing correct solar array size will depend on wattage of light being powered.

Mount appropriate lamp. wattage of lamp will be limited by size and capacity of both battery and solar array. Proper selection of lamp is pivotal for proper function of street light.

Attach battery, electrical enclosure and timer to pole, directly adjacent to solar array and lamp. electrical enclosure will house wire, protecting it from weather. battery will need to be within reach of lamp it will power as well as being connected to solar array which will store energy in battery.

Proper control of charge of battery will be tasked to charge controller. Wire elements of system to charge controller. solar array will have positive and negative lead which will be attached to proper connectors on charge controller.

Attach timer to solar array and set it to turn on only during dark hours. Positive and negative leads are found on battery, which should also be connected to connections labeled as such on controller. Connecting positive and negative leads to lamp to be powered is last step.

Include appropriate fuse in positive wires of battery and lamp.

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