Connect Stopper in Bathroom Sink

The plug in the bathroom sink must move up and down when you pull and push on the lift rod behind the sink spout. plastic loop at the bottom original stopper may break and lift rod cap can no longer operate. This leaves the cap in closed position, and the sink is filled every time water runs.

Physically lift the drain plug is only way to sink drain. Connect new plug in the bathroom sink to get it working again. Turn the pivot nut clockwise with your fingers to remove the tailpiece.

Connect Stopper in Bathroom Sink

tail piece is part of drain line attached to sink directly beneath drain opening. pivot nut attaches to back of tail piece. Install bathroom sink stopper into drain opening in bottom of sink.

Slide pivot rod through opening at back of tailpiece beneath sink and through loop on bottom to sink stopper inside tailpiece. Slide pivot seal and gasket over pivot rod and install them in opening in tailpiece. Thread pivot nut onto pivot rod and hand tighten nut onto tail piece, securing pivot rod and stopper in sink.

Attach pivot rod to clevis rod with spring clip. U-shaped spring clip has two holes in it. pivot rod slides through one hole in clip, threads through hole in clevis rod and through other hole in clip.

clevis connects to lift rod on faucet. lift rod opens and closes stopper in sink.

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How to Connect Stopper in Bathroom Sink

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