Connect Solar Power to Home

Solar energy is clean generated form of renewable energy from sunlight. Power is drawn from the sun and turned into electricity that we use for fans and lights turn on. Initial cost of solar cells can be very high. If cost issue is, you can start using solar energy in combination with the existing power grid from home.

Go through your monthly electricity bills of the past one year your average power consumption figure. See the article in Resources to learn how to appreciate your power consumption. Buy photovoltaic solar panels.

Connect Solar Power to Home

number depends on your power consumption which you figured out in previous step . Panels come in different sizes and you can buy those that suit your requirements. If your home’s daily power requirement is 5000 watts, you can buy 20 panels that produce 250 watts each. Find appropriate place on your rooftop to install panels.

Ideally, look for place that receives good amount of sunlight all day long. Use chalk to mark area where panels will be installed. Secure panels to rooftop.

First, locate roof rafters using stud finder. Once you have located rafters, fasten solar mounts to them using roofing nails or screws. Now install metal railings on mounts and fasten panels alongside these rails.

You will get detailed installation instructions with diagrams with panel equipment. Open junction box of each solar panel that you have installed. Each panel has negative – and positive + lead, which means you have to connect negative lead of one panel to positive lead of next panel.

This way, you will connect all panels in series until you are left with one lead from first panel and one from last. Connect last two leads to charge controller. charge controller is used for maintaining steady flow of voltage.

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How to Connect Solar Power to Home

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