Connect Solar Panels to Water Pumps

Solar panels are great way for environmentally sensitive people to save money and provide clean and reliable energy source for their budgets. Solar panels are going well for small household appliances. Although solar panels can be expensive to buy in the short term, they can save you valuable time and money in the long run by generating your own power.

Many farmers, people in rural areas, and homeowners, the backdoor pools or water pumps can have for garden sprinkler systems benefit from the application of solar cells to supply their water pumps. You can connect the solar panels on house water pump in a few steps. Install solar panels.

Connect Solar Panels to Water Pumps

Fix panels to your roof, or in off-the-ground area that receives lot of sunlight. If you are using outdoor pump, mount your panels using pole-mounted solar array. Make sure that your solar module is big enough to provide needed power.

Contact your pump distributor to find out how big panel needs to be to power your pump. Install power inverter. power inverter converts solar energy into electricity, so that it can be used to power your water pump.

Solar panels convert sunlight into Direct Current DC , however, most appliances use alternating current AC . Once you have connected power inverter to solar panel, attach storage battery. Because your water pump will probably need to run even if panel is not producing electricity, it’s important to store power when not in use.

Connect inverter to battery using wires and electric shunt. Make sure your battery is in safe area where it will not get wet or be exposed to environment. Connect battery to your water pump.

Run your wires from battery and connect them to AC connection points in water pump. Consult directions of your water pump to make sure your battery connection wires are correctly installed. Cover any exposed wires with waterproof tape or plastic caps.

Turn on solar panel and allow DC current to flow into converter. You will now be able to power your water pump with your solar panel.

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