Connect Solar Panels to Home Power

As homeowners through strenuous energy supply more worried, they switch to environmentally friendly and renewable energy source – solar energy. Solar energy is reliable energy source, the sun uses radiation to produce electricity that you can use at home. Once you install solar panels, you can easily connect to your home energy.

purchase DIY solar kit, which contains together with mounting brackets solar cells. You should not settle for less than 500 watts per day, which means that you should 250 watts per install at least two solar cells. This energy is only be sufficient for basic use, with refrigerator, water pump and some lights. You can install as many panels as you can afford. In fact, more plates, more energy you will generate and therefore you may even be able additional energy for sale, produced.

Connect Solar Panels to Home Power

Determine if you want to use grid electricity along with solar power or depend entirely on solar electricity. If latter, you will have to install solar batteries as well, which will store solar power accumulated during day. If you are using solar power as backup only, you do not need batteries.

Install solar panels on roof of house. Start by installing mounting brackets that come with panels. Use specific directions from DIY kit to carry out installation procedure.

Once they are mounted and secured on roof, you have to connect them to start supplying electricity. Install power inverter, which converts solar energy into electricity that can be consumed at home. Each solar panel produces DC Direct Current while home appliances requires AC Alternating Current .

power inverter converts Direct Current into Alternating Current. If you are not using battery, continue to Step 6. However, if you are installing battery as well, continue to Step 5.

Connect inverter to battery by installing wires from battery to circuit breaker and shunt. Now let DC current flow into inverter. current will break due to presence of circuit breaker and shunt, thereby preventing overload and damage.

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How to Connect Solar Panels to Home Power

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