Connect Solar Panels to Grid

Gather energy from the sun and install solar panels on grid. This will not only make you more environmentally friendly energy consumer, it can also earn some money green. When generating any energy connecting element into the main power grid of the utility company, they will give you extra energy for pay and generate supply in the system.

Discounted and energy saving incentives given about money you can make from your current provider, installation of solar panels can be profitable economic solution for energy production. Mount your solar panels on the roof or other location where it will get the direct sunlight. Maximize Your sunlight is the key to maximizing performance of your solar modules.

Connect Solar Panels to Grid

Most panels that you buy will come with available mounting kit. However if you are building your own panels you may want to consider buying pre-made mounting kit and installing your panels directly onto mounts. Installing solar paneling and mounting them is part of process of getting your panels connected to grid that you can do yourself. Take wiring and cut to desired lengths.

In most states you will need liscensed solar installer or electrician to do all of wiring and connecting to main power box. Check your local codes and determine if you will be able to do this work yourself. Some areas require you to take test on codes and electrical knowledge before giving you permit to do any of your own electrical work.

If you are knowledgeable on installation of electrical components it is still important to follow safety precautions as when connecting to grid you will dealing with extremely high and deadly voltage levels. Connect panel wiring to inverter. This will convert DC direct current power from from your solar panels to AC alternating current so that it can be used in conventional power grid.

Run wiring from inverter box to main breaker box circuit. You may need to install new circuit in your main breaker box before connecting to grid.

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How to Connect Solar Panels to Grid

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