Connect RV Solar Panels

Electricity has to run everything in your RV to come from somewhere. Many people their RV with lead-acid battery in the engine, generator or both drive. These options depend on fossil fuels, which can be very expensive, and are neither green nor be extended.

Connection RV solar panels can much power you need, if not all, and it does this to keep charged without wasting fuel battery. Calculate how many watts you need for your solar system. In the amount of amps each device used together, and multiply by the number of days per week you perform using your RV.

Connect RV Solar Panels

Knowing your typical weekly power usage helps you to figure out how many solar panels you need. Disconnect your RV power sources. Disconnect starter battery and battery banks.

Unplug shore power cord and keep generator off. Place cardboard over solar panel cells to keep it from creating current. Mount solar panel on roof of your RV.

Orient it so width side faces front, rather than long side, to keep wind resistance down. Most RV solar panels have four mounting screws that you screw through roof. You might need to seal them.

Run solar panel wires down refrigerator vent from roof into RV’s interior. This keeps you from having to drill and seal another hole in roof. wires come out in space above refrigerator.

Go inside RV. Cut hole in panel above refrigerator same size as regulator and pull wires from solar panel through hole. Attach them to regulator as they are marked.

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How to Connect RV Solar Panels

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