Connect Multiple Hot Water Solar Panels

developed Despite the concern about climate change and carbon footprint, alternative forms of energy. With economic instability, many of these options are always popular. A greener ways of your hot water heater is installed hot water solar collectors.

Most kits do not take care of all the hot water needs of the family with only a collector, so that you can include additional modules on your system need. Design your hot water system according to manufacturer’s instructions, and perform all of copper pipes to the roof. Make sure that your inbound and outbound cold hot pipes are properly aligned according to assembly instructions safely.

Connect Multiple Hot Water Solar Panels

Align hot water solar panels on roof side by side and install them on their brackets according to manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure panels are close enough together to accommodate connections that fit in between. If you set it up with larger gaps, cut copper piping lengths of gaps between panels and use threading tool to thread outside of both ends of pipe.

Wrap plumber’s tape around thread at one end and attach male to male connector. Wrap plumber’s tape around threads on female to female connectors. Twist one side of connector into pipe at top of solar collector for passing hot water through.

Twist other side into neighboring solar collector at hot water pipe outlet at top or male to male connector connected to end of copper piping if you have gaps between collectors. Repeat this step on cold water pipe inlet and cold water pass through piping at bottom of solar panels. Some systems may not include hot and cold water pass through piping in their solar collectors.

Always install them according to manufacturer instructions. Cap unused pipe cold inlet and hot outlet with end caps and attach vent attachment to hot outlet on last panel in between it and pipe leading back into house to hot water storage tank.

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How to Connect Multiple Hot Water Solar Panels

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