Complete Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom makeover with simple changes or complete renovation usually increases the value of the property. However, make smart choices requires an investigation. Base your decisions remodeling how long it will stay at home.

work again all – extensive remodeling – if you plan to live there for at least five years. Create changes, whether new or unique accessories complete renovation to please prospective buyers. Investment management reshuffle that will produce a return above cost.

Complete Bathroom Remodel

To do this, figure out design work that would please lot of potential buyers. Design your ideal makeover. Start with this kind of plan to figure out pleasing substitutions, if needed.

Or use plan to remodel in stages over time. Begin makeover plan with sink vanity wall as focal point and plan everything else around it. Select visually appealing options, such as pedestal sink with carved mirror, even if your budget is limited.

Choose new tub and shower. Select jetted tub and separate glass shower, for example. Visit homes of friends to examine new bathrooms up close.

Sketch floor plan to position main fixtures. Don’t purchase them until you create well-made plan using graph paper. Remove old fixtures in room.

Run new wiring and plumbing into space as needed. Bring new tub, toilet and shower unit to bath area. Figure out how to get wider, bulky fixtures into space.

Open wall space or doorway, if needed, and rebuild wall or doorway once fixtures are inside bathroom area. Tear out old wall material in some cases. Take down drywall or plaster board to run water lines or drain lines inside wall framing areas.

Add new drywall before installing vanity cabinet and other main fixtures. Hook up new lights and secure new cabinets to walls and floors. Paint before laying floor.

Paint all walls before installing tile or hardwood to floors to keep paint off new surfaces. Use plastic sheeting over tub, shower, vanity or cabinets during painting process. Install tile walls and flooring before securing baseboards in place.

Paint baseboard material before nailing it around room’s perimeter to avoid painting it from kneeling position. Seat toilet on top of new flooring last.

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