Compare Solar Panels for Homeowners

When comparing solar cells for home use photovoltaic PT, there are some important statistics for the traders STC against PTC rating, square footage of the panel, to see the relationship between PTC and square footage, offered warranty, price and reliability of the dealer. There are dozens of solar panel models sold in the US. Cutting through the chaff of statistics and offers help best solar panel for select.

Show on solar panel you are interested to PV-USA Test Conditions PTC Specifications. Dealers can STC list that represents the factory standard test conditions, but that is not the real world reflected efficiency of the solar panel. excellent PTC will be over 177 180 good.

Compare Solar Panels for Homeowners

Anything below these numbers is suspect. Compare PTC to square footage of panel. excellent PTC to square footage ratio is above 14.

ratio is important because very large panel may have higher PTC rating, but only because it’s so large. ratio helps compare panels of different sizes. Choose what energy of solar panels will be used for–heating pools, hot water, or home electrical use.

Different systems of electrical use call for different panels and installation procedures, which lead to different prices. Know how much on your electric bill you want offset by solar panels. Knowing this percentage helps you find right installation package, which determines how many panels you actually purchase.

Compare pricing of individual solar panel packages. solar panel will cost about 150 dollars and up, depending on quality and size. If you aren’t installing them yourself, consider different prices of installations that are offered by solar panel dealer.

panels, however, can be installed by company other than manufacturer of panel.

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How to Compare Solar Panels for Homeowners

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