Compare Central Air-Conditioning Units

central air conditioning units can bring new level of comfort in your home. If you are looking for new air conditioning unit, you will find energy-efficient models that cost less on your bill every month. largest purchase and more efficient model is usually not correct move because not only are two factors to consider when central air conditioning units are compared. best way to shop is to determine how long it will take to recover amount spent on air conditioning energy savings. interior and exterior components price when shopping for central air conditioners so you know future replacement costs. compressor and condenser coil are components outdoors, and evaporator coil is inside component.

At some point, you need to replace some of these parts. If possible, you have to replace everywhere at same time. Manufacturers design their parts to work together, and use of new pieces combined with old pieces could mean not getting best performance.

Compare Central Air-Conditioning Units

Look at SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, of each air-conditioner and Energy Guide rating listed on yellow tag on appliance to compare energy costs. Compare similar models with same features you want. Consortium for Energy Efficiency see Resources will also help you compare energy efficient models.

Add total annual savings to determine how quickly you will recover cost of new AC unit. If you are replacing old AC unit, use yellow Energy Guide rating to determine average annual energy costs for new air conditioner. Then compare it to your current utility bill.

Determine your expected monthly savings, then divide that into total cost of air conditioner. Some high-efficiency air-conditioning units cost so much that you will never see return on your money. Hire licensed HVAC contractor to measure size of your house, how many levels it has, quality of your windows and your insulation, and your local energy rates to determine which size air-conditioner is right for your house.

Ask about installation costs up front, what contractors include in installation price and if price varies depending on model of AC unit. For example, ask if price includes new wiring or pouring new concrete slab outside for unit to sit on. Whether you have existing ductwork will change price significantly.

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How to Compare Central Air-Conditioning Units

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