Combine Solar Panels

If you can provide more sophisticated equipment and charge larger batteries two or more solar panels. Depending on the way you connect together solar panels, they will generate electricity more or more voltage, according to the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association. They combine performance as well as batteries.

For example, three 6-volt panels that will supply 50 milliamp mA each producing a total of 18 volts at 50 mA, if they are connected in series. On the other hand, two 150 mA, 3-volt panels are mounted parallel produce 3 volts with current of 300 mA. Line up solar panels in series.

Combine Solar Panels

Attach wires to positive and negative terminals of first panel, if it doesn’t already have wires or snap-on connectors. Determine if you will combine panels in parallel amperage or series voltage . Consider voltage and amperage demands of device or battery you intend to attach them to.

Connect panels together with wires or other built-in connectors . For series, you may wire positive terminal of first panel to negative terminal of second panel. Continue this alternating pattern for all panels you intend to combine.

For parallel combinations, run positive and negative terminals of first panel to same terminals on second panel and so on. Attach panels to electronic device or battery. When you combine panels in series, you must use positive lead from panel on one end of series and negative lead from panel on other end.

For parallel connections, attach positive and negative terminals on last panel to device or battery.

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How to Combine Solar Panels

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