Combine Solar and Wind Power

If you live in location that has a lot of sun and a lot of wind, it may be more cost effective to install both photovoltaic PV and wind generator. Outputs of these systems are regulated differently, so you will need separate charge controller. You also need to organize DC source center entrances and direct power from your existing PV and wind generators to the battery bank and from there to the inverter, where it is converted into usable household alternating current. in battery bank Bank to optimize

Connect batteries for your energy needs. Batteries in series increases voltage of the bank, while extended in parallel to share the life of the battery wiring by load between batteries. Banks are typically connected in series or in parallel 12, 24 and 48 to generate 60 or 72 volts. Use Connect battery cable battery bank to power input to DC source center.

Combine Solar and Wind Power

This device incorporates charge controller that monitors batteries and shuts off charging current when necessary to prevent them from overcharging. It has output for inverter, where DC current is converted to household AC power. Follow wiring diagram on source center.

Connect output lines from your existing wind turbine to regulator which will convert fluctuating voltage from turbine to fixed output voltage. This regulator is pre-installed in many turbines. output voltage must match voltage of battery bank and turbine regulator.

Wire regulator to separate transformer to adjust this voltage, if necessary. Connect turbine regulator or transformer to appropriate input breaker on DC source center, following wiring diagram on source center. Connect output from your existing solar panels to PV charge controller, which regulates power generated by panels and adapts voltage to charge battery bank.

Connect this controller to input breaker on DC source center.

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How to Combine Solar and Wind Power

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