Collect Solar Energy

The most practical form of solar energy is one that actually produces electricity. use photovoltaic PV modules to produce energy from solar power. You can almost any device in the home with solar power supply, which can be collected from the battery bank.

Here’s what to do. Determine daily watt-hour home energy monitor. Use this number and divide it by the average sunshine hours for your location, then multiply by 1.25.

Collect Solar Energy

This is rule of thumb to get total watt capacity of system. Divide this by capacity of individual solar panels to figure out how many panels you’ll need. Invest in inverter from retailer such as Xantrex Techology to change DC power produced by panels to AC power, which can be stored in battery to use for most building applications.

Size battery bank by dividing daily energy use found in Step 1 by battery voltage normally 12 . This is amp hours. Multiply this by number of days you want to be able to store power.

Depending on area, this will range from two to five days. Take total amp hours determined in Step 2 and divide this by half to get battery capacity size. Battery life is cut short if battery is cycled too deep.

charge controller will help prevent this. Take total amp hours and increase it by 25 percent to determine charge controller size. This is done because at peak sunlight hours ampacity can be greater than rated size.

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How to Collect Solar Energy

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