Clear up Acne With Photoshop

Acne, commonly seen in adolescents and young adults, is not welcome in portraits. Professional photographers use Adobe Photoshop or another program photo editing software to eliminate acne of face of subject. By removing acne, it is important to ensure that subject’s skin looks flawless. This can be done by sampling pixels surrounding acne and gradually altering grain to match clear skin.

Open photography objective in its original size. When retouch photographs, will have better results if resolution is high. This slows down rendering time in Photoshop, but your image will look natural if you print later.

Clear up Acne With Photoshop

Make other adjustments before removing acne. Alter color, hue and saturation, if desired. Otherwise, you risk blending acne with original skin pixels but they may stand out in later adjustments. When your image is right tone, contrast and color, it’s time to remove acne.

Zoom in on acne. It’s imperative to work closely with pixels in order to achieve natural look. If there are numerous pimples, work on each one individually.

Select Clone Tool from Toolbar. Adjust Opacity to 15 percent and Flow to 50 percent. Place your cursor, which will now look like round circle, beside pimple.

Adjust size of Clone Tool circle until it is slightly bigger than pimple. easy way to do this is to Right Mouse click and use handy dimension slider to increase or decrease size of your Clone Tool circle. Sample clear-skin pixels as close to pimple as possible.

Do this by placing Clone Tool circle next to pimple and pressing Alt Key. You will see smaller circle with crosshairs. Click once with your mouse and those pixels are now ready to use.

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How to Clear up Acne With Photoshop

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