Clear Clogged Air Conditioner Drains

If your air conditioner all sudden interruptions, it can cause clogged drain. inside of your air conditioning unit, evaporator, it produces large amount of moisture as it works. This water dripping evaporator and into drain pan underneath unit.

drain hose runs from pan and bring water out. If drain is clogged, water collects in tray and sometimes can trigger circuit breakers blunted. Once you clear out clogged drain air conditioner, you must perform this same procedure maintenance once year to prevent further backups.

Clear Clogged Air Conditioner Drains

Shut off power for air conditioner. Locate main circuit breaker for house and identify circuit where air conditioner is attached. Switch breaker on this circuit to Off .

Look for outside exit for air conditioner drain. These will typically be on outside of your house and will usually be PVC or plastic pipe. Clear end of drain of any obstructions.

Insert end of piece of plastic tubing into drain pipe and clear out anything inside. Locate air conditioning unit. This will be in attic or closet, typically.

Beneath evaporator portion inside air conditioner unit there will be drain pan used to collect excess moisture produced by unit. inlet for air conditioner drain is connected to pan. Clear opening of drain as you did with outside part.

Insert plastic tubing, type used for interior plumbing, into drain pipe. Push it through to clear any obstructions inside. Using plastic prevents drain pipe from getting scratched.

When you have drain pipe successfully cleared, any water trapped inside pan will run out. Mix one capful of bleach with one pint of warm water in container and pour it into drain pipe. bleach will help kill any mold or bacteria in pipe.

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How to Clear Clogged Air Conditioner Drains

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