Clear Acne With Calamine Lotion

Acne can be resistant to traditional methods of cleansing skin, such as benzoyl peroxide creams, lotions and toners. This type of acne requires different approach that can be avoided by using natural substances that do not irritate skin. Calamine lotion has been used for years to treat chicken pox and poison ivy, but many people do not know they can also be used to treat stubborn acne.

Here is step by step guide for using calamine lotion for acne. Wash skin gently and thoroughly with soap natural, no preservatives. You can find natural soap in any natural foods market in shampoo section.

Clear Acne With Calamine Lotion

Remember not to scrub skin when you wash your face, simply lather your hands, gently apply soap to your wet skin, lather your face and rinse with clean water. Dry your face with clean towel. Apply Calamine lotion to cotton swab and dab little bit of Calamine lotion directly to acne blemishes.

You can apply more than one coat if you like. Let Calamine lotion dry and leave it on overnight. Wash your face as usual next morning, rinsing Calamine lotion off of your skin.

Apply lotion as needed every night until blemishes go away. You should see marked improvement in about week.

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How to Clear Acne With Calamine Lotion

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