Clear Acne Macule Spots

macula acne spots are changes in color, flat reddish left after acne lesion clears. Most acne blemish spots are result of person rummaging in shin with her fingers and sometimes pins and needles in attempt to blow up injury. Remove beans fingers or any other form that can aggravate condition, leading to deeper infection and scarring.

The good news is that there are number of treatments to remove acne blemish spots on her face and body. Rub lotion hydroquinone in macula points acne. Hydroquinone is bleaching agent powerful skin used by dermatologists to fade acne scars, age spots and other color changes, including those caused by sun damage. most powerful types of hydroquinone are available only by prescription.

Clear Acne Macule Spots

Ask your dermatologist for prescription during your next visit. Get facial peel. alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid peel performed by skin care professional is another way to clear acne macule spots. acids absorb deep into skin, peeling away damaged upper layer and allowing healthy, spot-free skin to emerge.

Use skin lightening and brightening products with natural licorice extract and kojic acid. Licorice and kojic acid are herbal skin lighteners that help clear up acne macule spots and other discolorations on skin with regular use. Try Mario Badescu’s Whitening Mask and Murad’s Acne Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel.

Try Retin-A, prescription acne medication containing Retinol. Retinol is resurfacing agent that, when applied topically, works to slough off uppermost layers of skin containing acne macule spots. Get microdermabrasion treatment. In this treatment, powerful crystals are used to clear all imperfections from skin, including age and acne spots, blackheads and whiteheads and clogged pores.

Depending on your condition, about six to eight treatments may be necessary to effectively clear all acne macule spots.

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How to Clear Acne Macule Spots

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