Clean Your Hair Using Witch Hazel

To keep your hair healthy and clean is important to improve its luster and color. Many hair care products are expensive and do not produce results that they promise. However, cost Hamamelis, which are found everywhere in pharmacies and grocery stores, you can help clean your scalp and give your hair new life.

It is extract of witch hazel shrub and works as an astringent in helping pore cleansing and removal of oils. Buying bottle Hamamelis from your local grocery store, pharmacy or discount store. It is very inexpensive and because only small amounts with each use are needed, will take a long time.

Clean Your Hair Using Witch Hazel

Be sure to also buy large cotton balls with which to apply witch hazel. Comb or brush your hair thoroughly until it is free of all tangles and knots. Divide hair into small sections and pin. Soak cotton balls in witch hazel and apply witch hazel to scalp everywhere that skin is exposed.

Gently wipe both scalp and hair with cotton balls, and allow to air dry. Remove pins and comb out your hair again. Use witch hazel hair-cleansing routine if you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, sunburn or dandruff.

It is also efficient between-shampoos method of washing your hair and scalp. It allows Individuals with weaves, dreadlocks, extensions or plaits to clean their hair and scalp without having to undo their hair styles. If you are in situation where clean water and shampoo is not available, washing your hair and scalp with witch hazel is viable and portable option.

Add 1 oz. of witch hazel to 8- or 10-oz. bottle of your favorite shampoo if you want medicinal effects of witch hazel, but prefer using shampoo. Another method of utilizing witch hazel in your cleaning routine is to massage scalp with witch hazel, followed with shampoo and conditioner. Check ingredients of natural shampoos–many include witch hazel as ingredient.

This all-purpose liquid can also be used as body-building hair setting serum. Fill spray bottle with witch hazel without alcohol and spray on hair before setting with rollers or curling iron.

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How to Clean Your Hair Using Witch Hazel

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