Clean Your Air Conditioner Water Pipe

Over time, hookah in your heating unit and central air conditioning can become clogged with debris and water pipes algae.Clogged on air conditioning can affect cooling performance throughout house, sometimes at point of no be able to cool home. With just few household items, you will be able to remove dirt, debris and algae from water pipe of your air conditioner. Use duster to loosen cobwebs, pollen particles, leaves and loose dirt from inside water pipe air conditioning.

Note that not all dirt in water pipe will be removed in this step. After using duster, there will still be little hardened and ground debris in pipeline. Use water hose to remove dirt hardened pipe.

Clean Your Air Conditioner Water Pipe

Run water from water hose through pipe until water returns clear from pipe. Be sure not to insert water hose nozzle completely, just enough to wash debris until water returns clear. Don’t worry about damaging any components inside your air conditioning unit.

water pipe connects to drain line which drains condensation off unit as it cools during summer. Algae is one of most common culprits of clogs in air conditioning water pipes. Use spray bottle of full-strength bleach inside pipe to remove algae.

During course of year, you may need to do this with regular frequency. Allow bleach to dry for day before proceeding to Step 4. Blow, either with your breath or air tank, into pipe.

if you can hear echo of air or your breath in pipe, then it is clear. Place pipe so that condensation can drip freely without causing puddling alongside your home. Some people use water from condensation for watering their gardens during summer.

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How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Water Pipe

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