Clean Stone Bathroom Tile

natural stone tile is covered floor that is strong enough to provide many years of enjoyment. floor in the bathroom of his house is high traffic area that is often jammed. stone tile is durable flooring option bath.

With proper care, it can last a lifetime. stone tile requires washing occasionally to remove buildup. Routine cleaning will help maintain its natural beauty.

Clean Stone Bathroom Tile

Remove spills and dirt from stone tile as soon as possible. Blot spills with clean, dry cloth. Remove dirt by sweeping tile with stiff broom.

Clean tile with mild dishwashing liquid or detergent. Rinse well with water to remove cleaner and dry with clean towel or dry mop. Remove dirt and debris from grout with soft, damp brush and mild detergent.

Rinse well with water and remove remaining water with dry mop or clean towel. Cover surface with mild cleanser and allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Use soft, damp brush to remove dirt and debris from tile and grout.

Rinse well. Proceed to step two for tougher stains. Clean stone tile with alkaline cleaner and soft brush.

Rinse well to remove cleaner. If stain persists, proceed to step three.

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How to Clean Stone Bathroom Tile

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