Clean Stains on Wool Jacket

Wool is one of the warmest effluents. In the winter makes it ideal for bundling sheath against freezing winter air. It is so warm that you no longer want to take off when you get inside, so colors.

Even if you have small children, knows that just because you’re wearing jacket does not mean that patches are necessarily your fault. So the next time excited little faces greet you with dirty chocolate, hands, there is no need to panic. Your nice warm jacket can be easily recovered from permanent stains.

Clean Stains on Wool Jacket

Lay jacket on flat surface so you can see stain. Pour small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly onto stained area and wipe stain gently with clean white cloth or sponge. Add little more hydrogen peroxide as needed and continue to wipe gently until stain is gone.

This method works very well on coffee stains. Scrape away as much of stain as possible using plastic edge. Create mixture of equal parts wool detergent and vinegar.

Add mixture to liter of warm water and dip soft clean cloth into solution. Wipe stain working from outside in to prevent it from spreading. This works on chocolate stains as well as beer, wine, and ice cream stains.

Scrape away as much of stain as will come up with dull object so as not to rip jacket. Soak cloth in mineral turpentine or lighter fluid and lightly brush stain with it until stain is gone. Allow area to dry in well ventilated dry place.

This works well on dried stains from cooking oils, butter, furniture or shoe polish, and grease. Mix hydrogen peroxide and cold water in one to ten ratio. For burn marks this may help to lighten or even remove them.

Dip soft clean cloth in solution and wipe it over stained area until you can no longer remove any more. Allow jacket to air dry in cool dry place. Soak cloth or paper towel, whatever’s handy, in lukewarm water and blot stain with it.

Keep doing so until stain is no longer noticeable. This works great when you’re out to dinner and spill juice or gravy on your jacket. Use dry paper towel or cloth to blot up any excess water.

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How to Clean Stains on Wool Jacket

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