Clean Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

Cleaning mold from the bathroom ceiling is complicated by the nature of the mold. Rubbing mold transferred to other nearby surfaces, which continue to increase. the size of a mold section contains millions of mold spores.

It is important not to disturb or spores will become airborne and attach where they land, multiplying mold problem. The mold should be cleaned with deep disposal process called remediation. Cover bathroom walls and plastic accessories.

Clean Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

Close bathroom door. Vent bathroom to outside if possible. Wear breathing respirator.

Wipe mold-contaminated ceiling with commercial bleach eradication products or bleach. This will kill some surface mold, but not totally eradicate mold embedded in ceiling plaster or drywall. Remove portion of mold-infesting bathroom ceiling drywall or plaster using drywall saw, pry bar, drywall knife and hammer.

Seal ceiling debris in plastic bags. Check ceiling joists for mold. If mold is present, wipe with approved mold inhibitor and let dry.

Discard plastic sheeting and sealed, bagged mold-infested ceiling debris. Replace ceiling plaster and drywall.

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How to Clean Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

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