Clean Filter on Frigidaire Air Conditioner

Frigidaire appliances manufactured by Electrolux Group Electrolux includes several models of air conditioning-room units built in windows mounted and portable units. Each air conditioner Frigidaire uses air filtration system with one or more reusable filters. room unit typically contains only filter behind front grille and portable unit has three filters behind rear panels.

Cleaning Frigidaire air conditioner filter requires clean dust, dirt and other debris particle accumulation at least once month with methods of dry and wet cleaning. Turn off and unplug your air conditioner Frigidaire. Remove filter unit.

Clean Filter on Frigidaire Air Conditioner

If you have room air conditioner, close air vent above front grill. Remove grill and pull out filter or grasp top of filter via tab located at top center of grill and pull filter up and out of unit. If you have portable air conditioner with three filters, grasp tab at top of upper intake panel, pull panel forward and then pull first filter from behind grill.

Unscrew lower air intake panel and remove grill from unit. Slide second filter from behind side panel and last filter from grill. Vacuum filter.

Place brush attachment on your vacuum’s extension hose. Turn on your vacuum and gently brush across filter on both sides to remove dust, dirt and other particles. Wash filters.

Soak filters in warm, soapy water in sink, bathtub or other large tub for 10 minutes and then wipe away any dirt or oily residues with soapy, lint-free microfiber cloth. Rinse filter thoroughly until you can no longer see any soapsuds.

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How to Clean Filter on Frigidaire Air Conditioner

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