Clean Commercial Bathroom

Public toilets are the area that most companies do not keep up. All the time people complain that public toilets are dirty, exhausted or just does not work. Keep clean the bathroom takes time and effort.

certain supplies are also needed to address the dirt that are bound to arise. It’s good to know, however, that most people will take better care of a dirty bathroom clean, and make maintenance easier bathing in the long run. Spray all surfaces of the toilets, sinks, doors, handles, dispensers, etc.

Clean Commercial Bathroom

with disinfectant and allow it to kill germs about 5 minutes , then wipe clean. best way to do this is spray everything down in organized manner starting from entrance of bathroom and working your way around bathroom, then going back to first area you sprayed and clean according to order you sprayed. Restock supplies.

Make sure to check soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers. Also add any other things that are kept in bathroom like flowers that may need to be replaced or dusted. Empty trash cans and spray inside with disinfectant.

Place new bag in can over disinfectant. It is not necessary to let inside dry before placing another bag. Dust any hard-to-reach areas around corners of room with broom.

Clean sinks and counters with sponge and degreaser.

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How to Clean Commercial Bathroom

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