Clean Car Air Conditioner

Drivers are concerned about your gas mileage cars. While there are many factors that determine your miles per gallon, cleaning your air conditioning unit will help improve those miles. By cleaning certain components of air conditioner, it will be allowed to make system work more efficiently, saving thousands of gas.

Remove components that make up air conditioning system. This will allow all waste properly working air conditioner. Remove all hoses, evaporators, condensers and other essential parts of automobile airbag system.

Clean Car Air Conditioner

Flush out debris using aerosol air conditioning flush. Other flushes require special gun or leave oily residue. Begin flushing by placing nozzle in component’s opening and running flush through, allowing it to leak out opposite end.

Once all pieces have been tended to, place them back as you found them. Search ducts leading to your car’s cabin for leaks. These will be large tubes that lead from zigzagging tubes of evaporator.

If you notice openings which allow cool air to escape before reaching you, apply generous amount of duct tape to hole to keep it closed. Remove your car’s accumulator. This coffee can-shaped element of air conditioning system helps to remove debris and condensation from air as it prepares to enter your automobile.

However, over time, this filtration system becomes bogged down. Purchase new accumulator at auto parts store. Be certain you have found proper model for your car.

Install by bolting in just as you removed soiled accumulator, and attaching all proper hoses and lines.

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How to Clean Car Air Conditioner

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